NB 011 – Eleven insights that changed my life

Nothing I do is completely original. In fact, so many ideas that people credit to me are originally from someone else. In this episode I want to give credit to the people who’ve provided some truly impactful ideas to the world. This is not a complete list by any means; I’m sure I’ve missed someone, […]

NB 010 – Authority success stories (part 2)

In the previous part of this episode we met three talented people – Brandon, Samuel, & Jason. We chatted a bit about their successes with self-publishing and learned how they used my book Authority as a roadmap for creating and publishing their work. In this episode, we dig deeper into how each of these fine […]

Work faster in Photoshop with these keyboard shortcuts

When most people think of design they think of using a mouse (or pen if you’re really cool) to move elements on the screen to bring your dream to life. In other words, new designers do 99% of their work with just their dominant hand on the mouse. If that’s you, you’re an amateur designer. […]

NB 009 – Authority success stories (part 1)

Have you ever wondered if it would be possible to make an independent living selling your expertise? In my book Authority I lay down an end-to-end plan for how to research, write, and publish a book to an excited and profitable audience so you can do just that. As it turns out, the methods I […]

7 techniques to design killer graphics for your blog posts

There’s never a shortage of blog posts to read, so how do you decide which ones are worth your time and which to ignore? I always try to read high quality, well thought out articles and tend to skip the blog posts that look hastily slapped together. Good graphics will go a long way towards […]

NB 008 – Financial transparency

Why don’t people share financial numbers? In this twenty-minute audio essay I delve into some of the reasons why people are afraid to be financially transparent, and why I’ve chosen to ignore those reasons in favor of exposing my revenue numbers (and why you should too). Show Notes Sacha Grief – one of the people […]