NB 004 — Self-publishing with Justin Jackson, Sacha Greif, and Paul Jarvis

In August last year Sacha Greif and I put together a live event called The Self-Publishing Hangout. We brought on Paul Jarvis and Justin Jackson to round out our panel. You can watch a video of the event here, or checkout my podcast episode below.     Since recording that episode each of the guests […]

Hiring: Marketing & Customer Success

We’re hiring a marketing and customer success person for our team. This position will be split between working on ConvertKit.com and NathanBarry.com. As the first full-time hire you will be wearing a lot of different hats. Much more than customer support First, you’ll be in charge of customer success for ConvertKit. This isn’t the typical “Here’s […]

What happens when you break a 600+ day chain?

“Oh, you’re the guy who writes a thousand words a day!” It’s often hard to make a connection between that blog post you read months ago and the author who is standing in the same conversation circle at a conference. Once people made the connection I was often referred to as the “thousand word guy.” […]

NB 003 — Profiting from teaching with Sean McCabe

Today I’ve got my absolute favorite product creation and launch story to share with you! Sean McCabe started as a web design consultant, then built up a following for his true passion: hand lettering. He then started teaching and grew a massive email list and then launched a training product. He shares the story and […]

NB 002 — Email Marketing With Guests James Clear, Brennan Dunn, And Corbett Barr

Few things have paid off better in my business than a focus on email marketing. In building my list up to 18,000+ subscribers I’ve learned that email is the most profitable marketing channel around. Easily beating out Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube. To learn more about email marketing I brought on three of my good friends: […]

NB 001 — On Productivity

In January 2013 I wrote a series of goals for the year. One of them was “launch a podcast.” How does a goal like that take 18 months to be realized? Well, first I created all kinds of reasons that a podcast was much harder than it actually needed to be. Finally after recording episodes […]