How to double your launch revenue

A few months ago I was browsing Dribbble when I came across some really impressive hand lettering work and eventually found this image from the same person: Sean McCabe. Clicking through I found a detailed landing page that ended with a strong call to action of an email opt-in form that gave away a PDF […]

Three reasons product launches fail

Before every product launch I fear this one will be the product launch that fails. Before I figured out how to market and sell products I had plenty of failures, but once I started to perfect this system for launching, (almost) all of my launches have been a big success. That doesn’t stop the fear […]

Using urgency to increase sales

One of the most common mistakes I see in product launches is the potential customer is not given a reason to buy right now. Without that motivation, the purchase can be put off for a later time. That later time could be “this afternoon when I have more time” or “after my next paycheck comes […]