Why you can’t sign up for my SaaS app

Today I announced a radical new direction for ConvertKit, my email marketing SaaS application:  You can’t create an account. Seriously, go to the website and try to pay me. You can’t. Like every other SaaS business, ConvertKit’s goal is to make money. So why remove every payment method from the site? Well, I have a […]

Using Shapes & Paths in Photoshop

Last week I covered the tools to get started using Photoshop to design interfaces and this week I want to take it a bit further. Since my new course, Photoshop for Interface Design, is all video I figured these next tutorials should give you a sample. First, a bit about the course. This coming Tuesday […]

How to use Photoshop to design interfaces

You care about designing good software. How do you do that? You can read books about user experience and design, but at some point you have to actually start designing the interface. More than just how the software or website functions and how you interact with it, but what it actually looks like. There are […]