Success made me afraid to experiment

With my first book I was willing to try anything. I had no idea what would work, so I was willing to try long-form sales pages, tiered pricing, and using a pre-launch list. With each successful launch I took the tactics that worked, threw out what didn’t, and refined my methods. Now I have an […]

$36,297 in 24 hours: behind the scenes of The App Design Handbook launch

Last Wednesday Jeremy Olson and I released the iOS 7 Edition of my first book, The App Design Handbook. It had been a few months in the making, and obviously built on the success of the original edition. What I didn’t expect is that it would beat every other launch I’ve done by a wide […]

An Interview With App Designer Michael Flarup

Michael Flarup is a designer from Denmark. His portfolio spans a wide variety of work, but I’ve always been most impressed with his iOS app designs. He’s a pretty great photographer as well. Jeremy Olson, my co-author for the iOS 7 edition of The App Design Handbook, sat down with Michael this summer to talk […]

The Audience Building Challenge: 10,000 subscribers in 30 days

Lately my favorite topic has been building audiences. Not just for a blog, but how you can build following for any product by teaching useful things. The results are pretty crazy and have changed my world. Through building ConvertKit I’ve been trying to teach these methods and give everyone the same tools that I have. […]