Reactions to iOS 7

Many designers have struggled to make the transition from iOS 6 to iOS 7. Even when they figure out how to design an app that works for iOS 7, it’s hard to still make it unique. My friend and co-author of The App Design Handbook, Jeremy Olson, wrote this post when iOS 7 was announced […]

Authority Case Studies: $30,000+ in sales from first time authors

The greatest honor for anyone who teaches is to see the results of their work. Today I’m really proud to showcase what my readers have accomplished after reading Authority. Now to be clear, they did the hard work, I just gave them a framework to execute on. Have you ever bought a book, read it, […]

Building Profitable Audiences — Live in London

The last few weeks have been really fun. I’ve been traveling (one of my favorite things to do) around Europe and meeting up with really smart, driven people. It started with a trip to London to teach a workshop (which you’ll hear more about in a second) with Brennan Dunn. Then after the workshop we […]

Case Study: Redesigning Commit for iOS 7

To get your own copy of Commit for $2.99 on the App Store. A few years ago I designed an iPhone app called Commit. This little app has made me more money (indirectly) than just about anything else I’ve done. It’s not the app sales (those have totaled about $10k in two years), but instead […]