How Adii Piennar used Authority to publish his own book

This is a Guest Post by Adii Pienaar, the author of Brandiing, a practical guide to content strategy and branding for business. After reading Authority, Adii was inspired to share his own story. Having had some success as a startup entrepreneur, Adii is now ‘paying it forward’ and is launching PublicBeta, a learning platform for […]

Naive Design

When designing a product it’s often helpful to understand development as well so that you can think about technical limitations and challenges as you design. But what if thinking about the implementation details is holding back the product experience? If you think about how to implement your idea you’ll quickly find the objections of why […]

What can you do in six months? Concluding The Web App Challenge

How long is six months? It’s not the number of days that matter, but instead what you can do with them. At the beginning of this year I wanted to know if I could turn six months into a brand new business. A business with actual demand, customers, and most importantly, revenue. On December 31st, […]