How to radically simplify your user interface

How is it that some software lets you accomplish just as much as competing software, all while maintaining a much simpler interface? Basecamp, by 37signals, is a great example. With just a few features—each with a simple interface—you can complete all the same tasks as more complicated project management applications. Ryan Singer from 37signals introduced […]

Three exciting words

Today I announced my latest book, Authority: Become an expert, build a following, and gain financial independence. It’s everything I know about self-publishing and launching a product online. You know that ebook you’ve been wanting to write? I’ll give you a a step-by-step guide to take you from idea all the way through to a […]

How to write marketing emails that don’t suck

Finding the best way to write a sentence can be extremely frustrating. For me that’s usually when writer’s block comes in. It’s not what to say, but how to say it. I find myself writing and rewriting a single sentence a bunch of times to find the right style. Often the result is a pompous […]

The Hidden Costs of Contract Work

So many people compare money made from selling a product to how much they could have made by consulting. It works something like this: a product made $10,000 and took 200 hours to develop, so the hourly rate was $50 an hour. Since the creator can bill out his or her time at $100 an […]