The first 8 weeks of The Web App Challenge

Wow, the last eight weeks have gone quickly. On December 31st I announced my goal of going from no idea what to build to having a profitable web application making $5000/month at the end of six months. You can read that post here.   Meet my developer Since about week three I’ve been working with […]

Can preorders work for software-as-a-service companies?

When working on a new product, the most important thing you need is validation. Not to stroke your ego, but instead so that you don’t waste valuable time building a product that no one needs. After all, for you to run a successful business your customers need to pay you. To start validating the idea […]

A sneak peek of ConvertKit

The last few weeks have been a whirlwind of feature developments, content writing, and bug fixes. Which means, ConvertKit is getting close to a private beta. If you want to get involved, keep reading. I’ve been using ConvertKit myself the past few days with great results. Here is one of my first landing pages: This […]

Step-By-Step Landing Page Copywriting

Let me start by warning you: This is a long post. I want to take you through the process of writing and designing the ConvertKit sales page. As you’ll see, I had a huge amount of help from Amy Hoy. Throughout the process she gave great advice on copywriting that I’d like to share here. […]

On Design Approval and Intentional Flaws

“My boss always has to change something about my designs.” A friend of mine, who is a relatively new designer, was discussing his job with me the other day. I laughed. I’d encountered the same issue dozens of times. I would bring a new design to my manager for approval and he would look it […]

Naming your product

Naming is probably my least favorite part of the product creation process. I feel like I spend days or weeks just going in circles, coming up with nothing good. It is a painful cycle of thinking up names then checking the domain registry, only to find the .com is taken. It sucks. Though now I […]

The Best Marketing Method I Know

Imagine you and I meet for the first time on the street. After a quick introduction I ask, “Do you by chance work with software?” “Yes, I’m a developer.” you respond. “Perfect! I just wrote a book about designing better web applications. Would you like to buy it?” How many copies do you think I […]