Starting The Web App Challenge: From Zero to $5,000/month In 6 Months

My last two projects, both books, have been insanely successful. Selling more than $80,000 worth in just over 3 months. The connections I’ve made, marketing lessons learned, and financial freedom I now have make a huge difference. There is  only one problem: those were all one time sales. Note: Do you design software? Take a […]

One Year After Quitting My Job

Last year I did a year in review post, so by doing it again this year I am turning it into a tradition. This is more for me (to see my own progress) than it is for you, but I hope you can learn something as well. If you want to read last years you […]

$26,679 in 24 hours: Stats from my latest book launch

Do you work on web applications? Then you’d probably learn a lot from my new book, Designing Web Applications.  A few years ago I had no idea a day like last Wednesday was even possible. After all, everyone I knew worked jobs that paid a modest yearly salary. My wealthier friends made closer to $250/day […]

Is your web application painful to use?

That’s a question you should ask yourself seriously. It’s hard to admit when are own projects aren’t as good as they could be. Especially when that means we are causing our users frustration and pain. So many developers I’ve talked to want to make the experience better in their software, but don’t know how. Short […]

A Preview of Designing Web Applications

There are so many places to mess up the user experience when designing a web application. I’ve made mistakes around when to save data, how to keep the user notified, and the right way to handle delete actions. Luckily, I’ve learned from these mistakes and those are just a few of the ideas I’ve got […]