My Experience Selling With Gumroad

For several months before I released my book, The App Design Handbook, I had a to-do item to figure out what platform to use to sell the book. I looked at platforms ranging from Pulley to Quixly. I also tried a couple WordPress e-commerce plugins and even considered writing my own integration with Stripe. On […]

The commitment that changed my career + my next project.

In May 2012 I made a commitment that changed my career: A simple task, completed every day, that skyrocketed my blog and allowed me to make over $30,000 in 6 weeks. Ready? Here is the exact commitment I made: “I will write 1,000 words every day.” I tracked my progress in Commit, an iPhone app I […]

$39k in eBook Sales Part 2: Design, Testimonials, and Traffic

Last week Sacha Greif and I took you behind the scenes of our profitable eBooks. Talking about validating the idea, writing consistently, design software, and pricing. Listen to that here. Today in part 2 we talk about marketing, testimonials, and getting traffic. Enjoy! Sacha’s Book: Step By Step UI Design My Book: The App Design […]

How Nathan Barry and Sacha Greif Sold $39k Worth of eBooks

Six months ago, Sacha Greif published an eBook about user interface design. The success of that book was the motivation I needed to finally write my own book on design. I’d been drafting outlines for book ideas for years, but had never before actually written one. The book I wrote became The App Design Handbook. […]