Learn To Design a Book Landing Page In Photoshop (Video)

Last week I announced my book “The App Design Handbook” along with a time-lapse video of the landing page design process. Now I want to show a more in depth tutorial of the design process. This is an informal tutorial as I design the page. Think of it as sitting next to me watching me […]

My new book: The App Design Handbook

I am thrilled to finally announce my latest project: The App Design Handbook. A brand new guide packed full of everything you need to know to start designing iOS applications. The book itself will be a digital release, with additional resources included (videos, Photoshop files, and sample projects).   Signup to be the first to […]

89,697 Reasons to Teach Everything You Know

I’ve written before about how important it is to share what you know and build a following. A few weeks ago I came across an example that really hit the point home. When Chris Coyier started CSS-Tricks.com he and I were about at the same level. I remember reading his tutorials and thinking “I already […]

The World Domination Summit (2012)

“Is that something sexual?” I was on the MAX train in Portland trying to explain to the guy sitting next to me why I was in Portland last weekend. First I said “for a conference”, but then he wanted to know the name of the conference. Which is what prompted the previously mentioned question. One […]

Giving Yourself Advice

I’m good at giving advice. If I hear a problem or see design flaws I can be quick to point them out. Even fairly polished designs have flaws and I can quickly find them. If your product isn’t selling well I have a half a dozen ideas on how you could improve your marketing and […]