300 or $60,000? How to talk about numbers.

A friend recently asked me how many copies OneVoice had sold. Without giving it much thought I responded “about 300”. Only after seeing his reaction did I realize that sounds like a really low number. In the world of app sales tens of thousands is considered a baseline. OneVoice has greatly exceeded my expectations and […]

Bragging About the Wrong Metrics

Recently a friend bragged he had spent two and a half hours at the gym the other day. I listened as everyone in our group commented on how much dedication that must take. Wishing they had the time and willpower to focus so heavily on fitness. I was confused. He isn’t particularly fit, so what […]

Traveling with a Baby

“Do lots of traveling now because once you have kids you won’t be able to travel.” I’ve heard that many times. After returning from a trip to France in 2010 many friends and coworkers shared this advice. Usually with a slightly melancholy tone as they clearly wish they could travel more. Many times finances or […]