The Trip of a Lifetime

I’m writing this from 24,000 feet as we slowly climb on the flight from Boise to Chicago, with London as the final destination. This flight kicks off our tour of Europe. For the past few years we tried to do a small trip (Caribbean, Hawaii, Mexico, etc) and a large trip (France, South Africa) each […]

Minimize Efficiency

Blogs all over the internet will tell you how to get the most for your time. Increase your output and maximize your efficiency. Following these ideas the amount you can accomplish will increase substantially and your life will probably improve. I know many tips have worked for me and I even share some of my […]

A Todo List for Life

One sure way to get out and live an interesting life is to make a list and follow it. Anytime it’s been too long since something interesting has happened select an item on your todo list and make it happen. Systematically live an adventurous life. My list is probably pretty standard, but these are things […]

Coin Flip

When you are undecided on a difficult decision, flip a coin.