Don’t be a dick. Just be nice.

I was wrong on the internet the other day. As the flurry of angry, disparaging comments came in I was reminded of this xkcd comic: Last week, that “someone” was me. Back in December I wrote this post: “Skill Doesn’t Matter if you Lack Taste.” In the post I have a couple of examples where […]

Focus on Finishing

At any given time I can work on whatever I want. So long as I’m on track to make enough money to cover my expenses for the month it doesn’t really matter what I spend my time on. As wonderful as this sounds it has the unfortunate side affect of many unfinished projects. Projects that […]


I’ve written before about how my favorite kind of people create. Often applying creative skills across a variety of fields. So I want to show you something I made that is unrelated to web design and software. This is a jewelry box I made with a scroll saw for Hilary’s (my wife) birthday. Now go […]

Designing iOS Applications (Presentation)

March 24th I presented on designing iOS applications at Boise Code Camp. The video didn’t turn out as well as I would have liked, but I am glad to have a recording of the presentation. The recording showed me just how many things I need to work on to be a better presenter. That will […]