Boise Code Camp 2012: Links and Notes

Last Saturday (March 24th) I gave two talks at Boise Code Camp. Both talks were well attended, and I had a lot of good feedback from them. Below are links and resources from each. Designing iOS Applications My video recording turned out alright for this talk, so I will do some editing and post it […]

25 Free iOS Design Resources

Some great designers around the web have released great icons, interface PSDs, and other resources that help make designing iOS apps easier. Enjoy and make sure to thank the creator of whichever resources you use! Templates & PSDs Icon Template Michael Flarup’s icon template is the best one available. Very useful Photoshop actions along with […]

Why Everyone Else is More Popular Than You Are

The answer is simple: they share. Think through all the well known people in your industry. The people who’s blogs you follow, who are invited to speak at conferences. These are the people who you consider popular in your field. How did they get there? Sharing. Jason Fried of 37signals refers to this as “emulating […]

What I’m working on is more important than what you have to say.

“Hey Nathan, do you have a minute?” It’s a simple question. Who can’t spare a minute, right? Well, I wanted to respond by asking what made them so certain their need was more important than what I was working on. I was fixing bugs for tomorrow’s software release, they had a question about a project […]