My Early Design Work

Growing up I really enjoyed landscaping, so I thought that’s what I would do when I grew up. But then a girlfriend in high school introduced me to writing HTML to build websites. From then on I was hooked and started writing some of the worst markup ever seen on the internet. It wasn’t long […]

3 Tips to Help Your Commitments Succeed

Commit is an iPhone application I released in December, 2011. It’s been featured by Lifehacker, TUAW, MacLife, and others. You can learn more about it here. Thousands of people have used it to improve their lives through small commitments. Examples include learning a language, stretching every day, or more regular exercise.. Below are my tips […]

Productivity Tip: Create and Consume on Different Devices

Four weeks in a row I wrote blog posts while sitting on a plane (I traveled more than usual in January). Writing without internet showed me just how often I try to switch from creating to consuming. Every few sentences I would open a new tab and try to check email, Facebook, or my RSS […]

Designing Buttons in iOS 5

By default Apple provides well styled interface elements to use when designing your application. Except for the UIButtons. To me using any other stock element is fine, but nothing screams amateur design like a default UIButton. In my iOS apps I’ve tried a couple different methods of styling these buttons to get a more desirable […]