The Perfect Tool

Do any of these sound familiar? I’ll learn design when I am able to purchase Photoshop I’ll start eating properly when the new diet book arrives I’ll start exercising when I get an elliptical I would practice guitar more often if I had a better instrument I’ll learn to program when I get a new […]

Live Different

Imagine sitting down to read a book, only to realize it is the story of your life, until now, written like a novel. How would that read? Interesting and engaging? Or would it be boring and repetitive?

How my behavior changing iPhone app made $1,673 in the first 3 weeks.

I’ve learned an incredible amount from many different bloggers and authors. I intend to give back to the community as much as I can through posts on this blog. Lately I’ve been disclosing sales numbers and what I’ve learned on the App Store. Here is my previous post with the sales data for OneVoice. So […]

Looking forward to 2012

Last week I reviewed 2011. Now it is time to plan 2012. Below are my plans for improving in the coming year. More Objective-C: Refining Existing iOS Applications Last year I released three iPhone applications and I plan to continue the momentum. But instead of releasing a ton of new applications my goal is to […]

2011 in Review

This is the first of what I hope to be many review posts. I want to actively assess my life rather than just watching years slip by. In agile software development at the end of every sprint you assess what went well, what you need to improve, then finally your commitments for next year. This […]