25 Inspirational iOS Application Icons

The constraints of an iOS application have pushed designers to create some truly incredible icon designs. Below are 25 of my favorite. Not all of them may be practical, but they should force you to think beyond the basic icon for your next application. Each one links back to the artist on Dribbble (except where […]

How to Never Miss a Blog Post

For the last six weeks I have consistently published a blog post every Tuesday morning. This isn’t my first attempt at blogging consistently, but it is my most successful. Several times before I have set goals to write on a consistent basis, but have always failed after a few weeks. This time is going to […]

iOS Design Weekly: Launch Story and Statistics

Introduction iOS Design Weekly was inspired by Dave Verwer’s iOS Dev Weekly. After receiving his first issue I thought that the design side of iOS needed something more. So much of the iOS community is focused on development, that design doesn’t get talked about as much. Everyone knows the importance of great design in iOS […]

The Story Behind OneVoice

Stop for a moment and think through everything you did yesterday. Now go back and imagine how it would change if you couldn’t speak to anyone. Your thoughts, feelings, and opinions are still the same, but you are unable to express them. Communication is something we all take for granted. It goes unnoticed until you […]

Designers Who Inspire Me

There are a few people that consistently put out such high quality work that I follow everything they do. These are the designers that inspire me to work harder and become even better. Liam McKay Liam is a designer from the UK working on WPBundle and IconJar. He was even kind enough to give me […]