10 days to better design

Design training isn’t enough.

Do you read plenty of design books and tutorials, but still find your skills lacking when it comes time to implement what you’ve learned?

It’s actually a pretty common problem, summed up in this famous quote:

Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I remember. Involve me and I learn.

- Confucius

You’ve been taught design, but you haven’t been involved in the process. Until now.

Improve your design skills with 10 hands-on exercises.

Each exercise is designed to teach you one skill that you can apply directly to your own design projects. The exercises cover interface design, user experience, wireframing, and more.

My goal is for each of these lessons to really stick with you because you put the technique into practice.

10 exercises in 10 days.

Each weekday you’ll get an email with a short lesson combined with an exercise to practice what you learned. Here’s the list of lessons:

Taught by Nathan Barry

I’ve written The App Design Handbook and Designing Web Applications. Two books on designing great software. More recently I created an entire video course called Photoshop for Web Design to teach more practical skills.

After writing those books and courses, I still saw something that was missing: homework. We may hate homework from school, but it really is a great way to learn.

These 10 exercises are the critical homework that I think everyone who works with software should at least attempt.

Available for just $10.

To kick off this brand new course I’m running a 20% off sale. That’s just for the first 24-hours, so you want to grab it right away. Here are your two options for buying the course:

Frequently asked questions

In the first few hours after launch I got a handful of questions. Here are the answers.

Do you have a sample of the exercises?

Sure! I recorded a little video here explaining a few of them.

Does this include video?

Nope. These exercises are all text/image based. There isn't any video in this product.

Do I need Photoshop or the PSDs to complete the exercises?

Neither are required, but they help. About half of the exercises can be completed with just pen and paper. The rest you can use any pro-level design tool. That includes Photoshop, GIMP, or Sketch.

Having the PSD files is nice, but not required.

How are the exercises delivered?

You'll get the courses by email, one per weekday. I know you may want to get them all at once and blitz through them, but I think it's better to do them gradually. Just set aside about 30 minutes a day to work through them. Though don't worry if you get behind, you can always catch up at your own pace.

Are there PSD files for all the exercises?

No, just for a few where they make sense. About half.

Have a question?

Just write in to nathan@thinklegend.com and I'll get it answered!