Topic: Usability

The Right Way to Break Design Conventions

When designing software one goal is to use pre-existing design conventions so that the user can move past the beginner stage very quickly. Though often, if your app is unique or cutting edge, you need to break some known conventions. Gmail is a great example of this. Labels and conversations go against everything you have […]

“Right Now” Design for WordPress

In the WP UI group we are currently discussing how to improve the “At a Glance” module on the dashboard to make it more clear. The problem is that comments is not differentiated at all from the rest of the sections so users tend to think that “Pending” relates to “Categories”. This can be seen […]

How to Find Unread Messages in Gmail

For quite some time I had a few unread messages in my Gmail inbox that over the months I had forgotten to read. After ignoring it for a few months they were hidden away somewhere in the 1000s of emails. The easy way to find them. Here’s the easy solution (only took 3-4 tries to […]