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I’ve been listening to a lot of podcasts recently. Now that my commute into the office is more than just down the hall from my bedroom, I spend more time in the car. That, and I moved further away from my gym. Because of podcasts I actually look forward the 20 minute drive to the […]

Success made me afraid to experiment

With my first book I was willing to try anything. I had no idea what would work, so I was willing to try long-form sales pages, tiered pricing, and using a pre-launch list. With each successful launch I took the tactics that worked, threw out what didn’t, and refined my methods. Now I have an […]

Finish one thing today

Lately I’ve struggled to get anything done. Without a book deadline or major product launch coming up I’ve flipped between working on a dozen projects like a kid with ADD trying to find something decent on TV. The result is that I’ve accomplished very little. On one hand that’s okay. Books are still selling well, […]

Lessons from building a blog to 10,000 subscribers in a year (video course)

This blog now has 10,000 email subscribers. In order to celebrate I’d like to try something a little different: a free video course. Inspired by my friends over at Fizzle I’ve been wanting to start recording videos for training. I’ve done a little bit for Authority, but that was just using an HD webcam. It […]

Three Hundred Sixty Five

The last year has been a crazy journey for me. If you’ve been following along you’ve watched me learn how to build, launch, and market products ranging from my books to ConvertKit. Did you know that using multiple packages could triple revenue? Or that products will flop without the proper launch sequence? Or that writing […]

A first look at Authority

This last weekend was the busiest I’ve had in a long time. My sister was in town for my Mom’s graduation (Congrats Mom!) and so we spent lots of time with family. On top of that I’ve been working like crazy to finish Authority for tomorrow’s launch. Saturday was the craziest day: it started with […]

What Marco Polo and a web designer have in common

Have you ever played the game Marco Polo? It’s a pretty simple game and it’s the most fun if played in a pool. The rules are simple: one person closes their eyes and tries to catch or tag someone else. In order to find people the person who is “it” can say “Marco” at any […]